Zielona Polana Hotel is located in the beautiful place Dubiecko, Poland. Located in a mountainous area, the hotel is surrounded by majestic mountains and a picturesque mountain river, creating a magnificent atmosphere for guests.

The hotel occupies 2.47 acres and includes 10 detached buildings that were built in 2005-2007. Over the years, the hotel has continually evolved and improved thanks to an investment of about 30% of annual revenue. This ensures that guests always enjoy modern amenities and comfort.

Hotel “Zielona Polana” is sold with a company with no debts, which ensures a safe and transparent transaction. The tax for hotel activities is only 9% of the turnover, which is an attractive factor for potential owners.

One of the special advantages of the hotel is that it regularly receives subsidies from the European Union fund for business development. This demonstrates the desire for constant growth and improvement of the hotel, and the future owner will be given information about the process of obtaining these subsidies.

The sale of the hotel is due to the fact that the owner, who is 73 years old, does not have an heir ready to take over the management of this successful business. This presents a great opportunity for a new owner who can take advantage of all of the hotel’s profits and potential.

Hotel Zielona Polana has a high rate of return of 57.2%. This proves its success and attractiveness to investors who want to get a stable and high income from the business in the field of hospitality.

Hotel Zielona Polana’s description offers potential buyers attractive factors such as excellent location, development and reinvestment, no debt, tax benefits, subsidy opportunities and high returns. This hotel promises to be a successful and profitable business for the future owner.

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Year Built
# of Buildings
Lot Size
2 acres
  • Interior Corridor
  • Exterior Corridor
  • Breakfast Room
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge/Bar
  • Business Center
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Guest Laundry
  • Meeting Space


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# of Units
Occupancy %
$ 630,000.00