Last Modified Listings Feed FRANCHISED PROPERTY - METRO INTERSTATE (MIAOH-TP1493) MzY2OC0yMDE0LTExLTI1IDE1OjU5OjI3 Tue, 25 Nov 2014 15:59:27 -0700 FRANCHISED PROPERTY - METRO INTERSTATE 58 Units, interior corridor, updated to current brand standards with 20 years on current license. Asking $1,700,000 (TP1493) Tom Potts ]]> 150 UNIT FORMER HOLIDAY INN (GREMS-JH1087) MzY2Ny0yMDE0LTExLTI1IDE1OjUzOjQz Tue, 25 Nov 2014 15:53:43 -0700 no photo150 UNIT FORMER HOLIDAY INN Includes 10 suites and is located on main hwy near 3 casinos. Listed at $1,500,000 (JH1087) John Hillenburg ]]> MOTEL IN SPORT FISHING & HUNTING AREA (WARMO-CM967) MzY2Ni0yMDE0LTExLTI1IDE1OjI2OjMx Tue, 25 Nov 2014 15:26:31 -0700 MOTEL FOR SALE IN SPORT FISHING & HUNTING AREA 2 story building located in a popular game hunting, boating, skiing and fishing area. Located between 2 major lakes that draw from all areas of the state including 2 northern Missouri metros. Property features an outdoor pool, boat hookups, high speed internet, breakfast room plus 3bedroom/3 bath manager/owner quarters. Offered at $850,000 (CM967) Carl Mitts]]> PRIDE OF SUPER 8 - GREAT GUEST REVIEWS (MAYKY-TP1538) MzY1NC0yMDE0LTExLTI1IDA4OjI5OjE5 Tue, 25 Nov 2014 08:29:19 -0700 PRIDE OF SUPER 8 - GREAT GUEST REVIEWS 44 Units, interior corridor, 1BR/1BA living qtrs, meeting room, guest laundry. Located just off state highway, approx 1/2 mile from hospital/cancer center. $1,600,000 (TP1538) Tom Potts]]> STRMO-TP1560 MzY2NS0yMDE0LTExLTIxIDEzOjQxOjQz Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:41:43 -0700 MOTEL AND C-STORE ON I-44 BUSINESS LOOP 64 unit motel with living quarters plus C-store with gas located 1 block from the motel. Motel includes a restaurant that is currently closed but could be leased for additional income. Asking $1,600,000 (TP1560) Tom Potts]]> STLMO-TP1492 MzY2NC0yMDE0LTExLTIxIDEyOjM2OjMy Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:36:32 -0700 ECONOMY FRANCHISE AT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 99 Unit interior corridor property with breakfast room, outdoor pool and courtesy van. Located at international airport with excellent access to metro transportation as well. Now priced at $2,500,000 (TP1492) Tom Potts]]> STCMO-RF1453 MzY2My0yMDE0LTExLTIxIDEyOjA4OjIz Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:08:23 -0700 ST LOUIS MSA HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS 73 Units in suburban St. Louis with excellent income generators. $5,900,000 (RF1453) Ray Foster ]]> SPRMO-MD80 MzY2Mi0yMDE0LTExLTIxIDEyOjA0OjU4 Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:04:58 -0700 135 UNITS ON INTERSTATE Part transient, part extended stay located on the interstate in the regions largest health care, education and commercial center. Across the street from Missouri Entertainment & Events Center (E-Plex). $2,200,000 (MD80) Mike DeLacy ]]> SPRMO-CM1506 MzY2MS0yMDE0LTExLTIxIDEyOjAwOjMz Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:00:33 -0700 86 UNITS ON I-44 (MISSOURI) 3 Story building with elevator, 6 suites, meeting space, outdoor pool, and 3BR/1BA living quarters. Located on interstate in regional metro. Asking $2,300,000 (CM1506) Carl Mitts]]> 50 UNIT COMFORT INN FOR SALE (LITAR-RS1377) MzY0MS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE2OjAxOjAw Mon, 17 Nov 2014 16:01:00 -0700 PRICE REDUCTION - 50 UNIT COMFORT INN FOR SALE - STATE CAPITOL LOCATION Located in a suburban area within minutes of the state capitol and airport. Easy interstate access with multiple income driving businesses nearby. Listed at $1,950,000 (RS1377) Ray Sullivent ]]> 50 UNITS IN DESTINATION MARKET (HOTAR-CM1402) MzY0MC0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE2OjAwOjQw Mon, 17 Nov 2014 16:00:40 -0700 50 UNITS IN DESTINATION MARKET 50 unit, exterior corridor property with outdoor pool, guest laundry and truck/RV parking located on highway. Town has been a tourist destination for more than 140 years. Listed at $1,200,000 (CM1402) Carl Mitts]]> SIDE BY SIDE HOTEL & MOTEL FOR SALE (HOTAR-CM1434) MzYzOS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE2OjAwOjI2 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 16:00:26 -0700 ***PRICE REDUCED***SIDE BY SIDE HOTEL & MOTEL FOR SALE 80 unit exterior corridor motel & 86 unit interior corridor high rise rehab (1.5M in renovations completed) on single lot, plus adjacent lot for future development. Properties are located across from racing & casino venue in popular southern destination town. Offered at $3,200,000 (CM1434) Carl Mitts ]]> PRICE LOWERED ON 103 UNITS IN GROWING MID SOUTH METRO (BENAR-CM1532) MzYzOC0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjU5OjU5 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:59:59 -0700 PRICE LOWERED ON 103 UNITS IN GROWING MID SOUTH METRO Interior corridor property with elevator, guest laundry and outdoor pool. Numerous income generators and new development slated for this area. Now priced at $2,300,000 (CM1532) Carl Mitts]]> CHOICE PROPERTY WITH CONVENTION SPACE (MCPKS-TP1596) MzYzNi0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjU5OjM4 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:59:38 -0700 CHOICE PROPERTY WITH CONVENTION SPACE 86 unit mixed corridor property with heated indoor pool, pool table, arcade games, mini golf, guest laundry and extensive meeting space. Well branded on-site family restaurant (leased) Priced at $2,475,000 (TP1596) ]]> 37 UNITS IN CENTRAL MISSOURI (MOUMO-RF1274) MzY2MC0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjUzOjA5 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:53:09 -0700 PRICE REDUCED ON 37 UNITS Days Inn located in central Missouri. Has an outdoor pool and meeting space for up to 30. 10 years left on current franchise. Good starter motel. Now priced at $1,075,000 (RF1274) Ray Foster]]> NEWLY RENOVATED MOTEL 6 ON INTERSTATE (KANMO-CM1574) MzY1OS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjQ5OjQy Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:49:42 -0700 NEWLY RENOVATED MOTEL 6 ON INTERSTATE 100 unit property located on I-435. All units completely updated in 2013 to "Phoenix" design. Property is located in metro area. Asking $3,000,000 (CM1574) Carl Mitts]]> 113 UNITS IN DESTINATION LOCATION (BRAMO-JDS1530) MzY1OC0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjQ1OjIz Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:45:23 -0700 113 UNITS IN DESTINATION LOCATION This property is well located in a family friendly destination in the heart of the areas numerous tourist attractions. Property offers elevator, jacuzzi suites, family suites, meeting space, a seasonal outdoor pool and heated indoor pool plus hot tub, gift shop and guest laundry. Property is in great condition. Asking $4,495,000 (JDS1530) J. D. Smith]]> MIXED CORRIDOR--VACATION DESTINATION (BRAMO-JDS1531) MzY1Ny0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjQyOjE3 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:42:17 -0700 MIXED CORRIDOR--VACATION DESTINATION This 100 unit property offers both exterior entrances and indoor poolside entrances along with jacuzzi and family suites. Property is located in a popular family vacation destination with new development underway. Asking $4,695,000 (JDS1531) J. D. Smith]]> 91 UNITS-GREAT CONDITION-GREAT LOCATION (BRAMO-JDS1529) MzY1Ni0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjI1OjE4 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:25:18 -0700 91 UNITS-GREAT CONDITION-GREAT LOCATION Very well maintained motel in popular vacation destination in the heart of areas numerous attractions. Smoke-free property offering kitchenettes and jacuzzi suites, plus a seasonal outdoor pool, breakfast room, business center, and RV parking. Asking $2,500,000 (JDS1529) J. D. Smith]]> REHAB READY--PRICE REDUCED (PADKY-RF1546) MzY1NS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjIwOjEw Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:20:10 -0700 REHAB READY--PRICE REDUCED 80 units and free standing restaurant located on main business loop. Motel has already been stripped of furnishing and carpet and has been professionally closed and winterized. Solid block construction w/pitched roof. New business is developing in this section of town--new Lowe's, WalMart & McDonald's recently opened nearby. Excellent opportunity here! Now $400,000 (RF1546) Ray Foster]]> NEWLY FLAGGED WITH 38 ACRES (GILKY-RF1525) MzY1My0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjE0OjQw Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:14:40 -0700 NEWLY FLAGGED WITH 38 ACRES Formerly an independent, this 70 unit property converted to Econo Lodge in 2013. Located 1/2 mi off interstate, 1mi from major lake, 1 mi. to motor speedway and close proximity to truck stop. The motel feature 7 suites as well as 2BR/2BA living quarters and an outdoor pool. Improvements include a new roof, flat screen TVs, tub surrounds, brick work and furnishings. Motel is located on approx 38 acres with plenty of room for future developing. Now priced at $1,250,000 (RF1525) Ray Foster]]> SUPER 8 ON KANSAS CITY INTERSTATE (LENKS-CM1367) MzY1Mi0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjEyOjMy Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:12:32 -0700 SUPER 8 ON KANSAS CITY INTERSTATE 3 story interior corridor property located off of I-35. Property includes guest laundry and living quarters. Now $2,100,000 (CM1367) Carl Mitts]]> METRO INTERSTATE LOCATION W/SUITES & KITCHENETTES MzY1MS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE1OjA4OjI0 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:08:24 -0700 METRO INTERSTATE LOCATION W/SUITES & KITCHENETTES Economy branded exterior corridor property with living quarters, breakfast room, business center, meeting rooms, guest laundry and outdoor pool. Located next to several economy food establishments and major trucking businesses. $1,950,000 (RF1441) Ray Foster]]> ON INTERSTATE NEAR CHICAGO (HEBIN-TP1522) MzY1MC0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE0OjUwOjAx Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:50:01 -0700 ON INTERSTATE NEAR CHICAGO Interior corridor property with Jacuzzi suites and game room, located next to large truck stop. Asking $1,750,000 (TP1522) Tom Potts]]> WELL PRICED - ST LOUIS METRO AREA (PONIL-RF1458) MzY0OS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE0OjQyOjMy Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:42:32 -0700 WELL PRICED - ST LOUIS METRO AREA 65 Unit Holiday Inn Express priced under 3x gross. $3,600,000 (RF1458) Ray Foster]]> DOWNTOWN HOTEL AT CONVENTION CENTER (WATIA-DV1541) MzY0OC0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE0OjM4OjI2 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:38:26 -0700 DOWNTOWN HOTEL AT CONVENTION CENTER Interior corridor property located next to convention center and casino in downtown area. Numerous income generators in the area. 67 units priced at $1,950,000 (DV1541) Denny Van Den Berg]]> EASTERN FLORIDA METRO (JACFL-JH1511) MzY0Ny0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE0OjE5OjIy Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:19:22 -0700 EASTERN FLORIDA METRO 78 unit franchise property with outdoor pool & hot tub, breakfast room, business center and game room. Located 1 block from interstate in industrial & freight corridor. Asking $2,400,000 (JH1511) John Hillenburg]]> SUPER CLEAN LITTLE 25 UNIT MOTEL (PIGAR-CM1393) MzY0Ni0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE0OjExOjU3 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:11:57 -0700 SUPER CLEAN LITTLE 25 UNIT MOTEL Located on highway across from truck stop. Sale includes a building next door that is leased to Dollar General plus vacant acreage with sewer lines run for RV Sites. Has 2BR/1BA living quarters, covered picnic and BBQ area and micro/fridge in all rooms. Now priced at $475,000 (CM1393) Carl Mitts]]> 48 UNIT BEST WESTERN (MTVAR-CM1373) MzY0NS0yMDE0LTExLTE3IDE0OjA3OjA3 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:07:07 -0700 48 UNIT BEST WESTERN New roof installed in 2012. Outdoor heated pool, truck/rv parking, playground. Centrally located near numerous attractions. This area offers world-renowned trout fishing and excellent camping, hiking and mountain-biking in the Ozark National Forest. Listed at $1,950,000 (CM1373) Carl Mitts ]]> 151 room Major Brand Hotel in Kansas City suburb MzYzMy0yMDE0LTExLTE0IDE2OjUzOjA2 Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:53:06 -0700 201 room Brand Name full service 3 star operating Hotel with large courtyard area, $1.7 million annual sales. High Traffic area, Conference/Banquet Rooms, restaurant and bar on site, large heated indoor pool and other attractions. Call Phil 913-624-4644]]> MID SOUTH QUALITY INN & SUITES ON INTERSTATE (LITAR-FS1583) MzY0Mi0yMDE0LTExLTE0IDE2OjQ2OjI3 Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:46:27 -0700 MID SOUTH QUALITY INN & SUITES ON INTERSTATE 100 Units, built as Hampton. Converted to QIS 2011. Located on Interstate frontage in mid-south metro. Asking $2,800,000 (FS1583) Frank Smith ]]> HEALTH FORCES SALE****POSSIBLE OWNER FINANCE (MAMAR-HFS1331) MzY0NC0yMDE0LTExLTE0IDE2OjQ0OjM4 Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:44:38 -0700 PRICE REDUCED***HEALTH FORCES SALE****POSSIBLE OWNER FINANCE 50 Unit independent motel. New roof installed 2013 with lifetime shingles. Located at the states largest natural spring, the location is popular with families, trout fisherman and canoeing/kayaking enthusiasts. Fronts state highway. This property also offers 2 sets of living quarters with a total of 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths--great for a large owner operator family, or rent one of the units long term. Now priced at $825,000 (HFS1331) Frank Smith ]]> PLATINUM AWARD WINNING PROPERTY (EUFAL-RF1507) MzYzNy0yMDE0LTExLTE0IDE0OjI5OjI2 Fri, 14 Nov 2014 14:29:26 -0700 PLATINUM AWARD WINNING PROPERTY Excellent guest reviews on this 80 unit property located in southeastern Alabama. Features 7 suites, meeting space for 100. Super clean and well kept. Asking $2,800,000 (RF 1507) Ray Foster]]> Lender Ordered Hotel Auction MzYzNS0yMDE0LTExLTE0IDA4OjM1OjA4 Fri, 14 Nov 2014 08:35:08 -0700 AUCTION: December 16 | 12pm<br/> PREVIEWS: By Appointment<br/> <br/> This 15,256+/- sf Inn features 28 guest rooms, plus owner's quarters, a 50+/- seat restaurant, an indoor pool, sauna, exercise room and game room all nestled within the natural and charming setting of rural Vermont.<br/> <br/> - Located 13.5+/- Miles From Mount Snow (20+/- Minutes)<br/> - Great Location!<br/> - Lot Size: 11.6+/- acres<br/> - Frontage: 1,222'+/- on Route 9<br/> - Ample on-site parking; two graveled lots<br/> - Utilities: Private water and septic system <br/><br/> Tranzon Auction Properties, Thomas W. Saturley, VT AUC Lic. # 057-0002223]]> Auction of 76 Room Motel on 4.66 Acres MzYzNC0yMDE0LTExLTEwIDE0OjMxOjQ4 Mon, 10 Nov 2014 14:31:48 -0700 This is an Online Bidding Only Auction of a 76 Room Motel "North Florida Inn" on 4.66+/- Acres located at 2020 Hamilton Avenue, Jennings, FL. Auction to take place on starting December 2, 2014 and ending Thursday, December 4, 2014 - To be Sold to the Highest Bidder at or above $650,000 (Last appraised value of ($1.9 Million. - Turn-key property, sold with FF&E, renovated in 2005/2006, All Electronic Locks. - Stable Seasonal Cash Flow during area Harvest. - Transfer Migrant Housing and Motel Licenses included in the Sale. - High Visibility at I-75, exit #467. 3% Broker Cooperation - Subject to All Terms of Sale See our website or contact us for bidding instructions and property information package. Tour Available by Appointment.]]> Commercial Real Estate Online Auction Event MzYyOC0yMDE0LTEwLTMxIDEyOjE2OjAw Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:16:00 -0600 Q4 National Auction - Commercial Real Estate Online Auction Event - Properties Coast to Coast - Oct. 15th - November 12th. *** *** Pre-Auction Offers Encouraged *** Clarion Inn & Suites, 5820 S. Franklin St, Michigan City, IN - 117 Rooms - 5.45+/- Acre Site - Great Access Off Major Chicago/Detroit Interstate I-94 and I-80 - Starting Bid $3,900,000 - 2.5% Buy Side Broker Fee *** For More Information Contact: Sperry Van Ness/Property Investment Advisors, LLC - Robert Pliska, CRE, CPA - 248-433-1400 - - All Sperry Van Ness® Offices Independently Owned and Operated]]> Commercial Real Estate Online Auction Event - Hot Springs, AR MzYzMS0yMDE0LTEwLTMxIDEyOjA5OjEx Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:09:11 -0600 Q4 National Auction - Commercial Real Estate Online Auction Event - Properties Coast to Coast *** Oct. 15th - November 12th *** *** Pre-Auction Offers Encouraged - Downtown Development Site, Majestic Hotel, 100 Park Ave, Hot Springs, AR - 5.5+/- Acre Site - Historic Hotel Built in 1926 - Parking Deck 38 Spaces - 2% Buy Side Broker Fee *** For More Information Contact: Co-Listed with Gehrki Commercial Real Estate - Brian Gehrki 501-623-2200 - Don Erler 502-297-8797 Ext 149, - David Gilmore 504-468-6800 Ext 202, All Sperry Van Ness® Offices Independently Owned and Operated]]> 55-Room Executive South Fork Inn in Whitley City, KY MzYyNy0yMDE0LTEwLTEzIDE0OjQ2OjE5 Mon, 13 Oct 2014 14:46:19 -0600 <b><center>REAL ESTATE AUCTION - November 4th 1pm Onsite <br><br> 55-Room Executive South Fork Inn <br> 1116 N. Highway 27, Whitley City, KY <br><br> Suggested Opening Bid $400,000<br><br> Former Best Western - Originally Designed as a Holiday Inn Express<br><br> Great Re-Branding Opportunity - Excellent Condition - Interior Corridor<br><br></b></center> The Executive South Fork Inn is conveniently located just off Highway 27. The three-story hotel features 55 interior rooms, including, suites, family suites, and Jacuzzi rooms. All rooms include iron and ironing board, hairdryer, and coffeemaker. There is an outdoor pool, complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access, breakfast bar, and local telephone calls. Business services offered are a conference room for up to 45 people, copying and fax service. <br><br> <b><center>Onsite Inspections: Noon to 2pm, October 21st & 28th - Call for Appt.<br><br> 270-304-1020 or 847-418-2700<br><br></b> 10% Buyers Premium.<br><br> Note: The above information is subject to inspection and verification by all parties who are relying on it to formulate a bid. No liability for its inaccuracy, errors, omissions, is assumed by the Seller or its agents.]]> Foreclosure Auction - Drake Motel MzYyMi0yMDE0LTEwLTEzIDE0OjI5OjE3 Mon, 13 Oct 2014 14:29:17 -0600 <b>Property Location:</b> 8109 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237<br> <b>Auction Date:</b> September 24 - Onsite<br><br> <b><i>Excellent Re-Development Opportunity close to downtown Cincinnati!</b></i> <br><br> Foreclosure Auction of Drake Motel in a close-in location on Reading Road. High Traffic Count, within ½ mile from I-75. The Property is zoned E-Commercial, which is ideal for re-development for retail or multi-family. No Buyer's Premium. Please contact Fernando Palacios at or call 877-933-7779. <br> <ul> <li>Excellent Re-Development opportunity <li>Close in location to I-75 <li>High traffic road frontage (21,500 cars daily) <li>Zoned E-Commercial <li>Limited hotel market in Cincinnati </ul> <b>Viewing Opportunities:</b> Call Fernando at 877-933-7779<br><br> <b>Offering Strategy:</b> Auction September 24, 2014 at 2pm, onsite in the managers office. No representations or warranties, expressed, written or implied by the Seller or Auctioneer. All property is being sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS”. In order to bid at the auction, a non-refundable deposit of$25,000 plus 10% of the purchase price is required for the winning bidder and closing within 30-days. Complete terms and conditions will be provided prior to auction day. <br><br> <b>More Information:</b> Call Fernando at 877-933-7779]]> Receiver Directed Auction! Windsor Atlanta Airport Hotel MzYyNi0yMDE0LTEwLTEwIDE0OjQ3OjE2 Fri, 10 Oct 2014 14:47:16 -0600 <b><center>REAL ESTATE AUCTION - October 30th 1pm Onsite<br><br> Windsor Atlanta Airport Hotel<br> 5010 Old National Highway, Atlanta, GA 30349 <br><br> Receiver Ordered Sale! <br><br> 232-Room Full Service Hotel, on 5.29+/- acres of land<br> Formally the Wyndham Garden Atlanta Airport South Hotel<br><br> Recently renovated in 2009. <br><br> Historical Gross Revenue as a Wyndham Garden<br></b> 2010 - $2,870,583<br> 2011 - $3,169,181<br> 2012 - $2,456,106<br> <br></center> Adjacent to two major highways, I-85 and I-285, less than two miles from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, and only minutes from Downtown Atlanta.<ul> <li>Indoor Pool <li>Outdoor Pool <li>Meeting & Conference Space <li>Dining On Site <li>Fitness Room <li>Business Center </ul> <b><center>Onsite Inspections: Noon to 2pm, October 16th, 23rd, & 29th - Call for Appt. <br><br> 270-304-1020 or 847-418-2700 <br><br> 6% Buyers Premium. <br><br><br> Note: The above financial information is subject to inspection and verification by all parties who are relying on it to formulate a bid. No liability for its inaccuracy, errors, omissions, is assumed by the Seller or its agents. We were not provided any more current financial information. ]]> Skier's Edge Condominiums MzYyNS0yMDE0LTA5LTI1IDE2OjUxOjMx Thu, 25 Sep 2014 16:51:31 -0600 The Seller is releasing the project for immediate sale to an investor who can re-position the property and take advantage of the wholesale pricing that the developer is offering for a very limited time. The opportunity exists to re-position the property as an Income Producing Property, Condo Conversion, Hotel/Hostel, or membership resort. The Seller is fully prepared to take on the task of repositioning and resale of the project as a condominium conversion for resale at $3.5 Million if there is no sale at his wholesale price within 60 days. Please encourage a purchase agreement as soon as possible in order to position your Buyer to be able to take advantage of this opportunity at the wholesale price of $2,290,000.]]> PA Absolute Auction - Historic Inn MzYyMy0yMDE0LTA5LTE2IDA5OjQ3OjQx Tue, 16 Sep 2014 09:47:41 -0600 PA Absolute Auction - Historic Inn Versatile Property - Proven Income Growth Auction Date: Sept. 29 at 11AM Auction On-Site: 4755 Rte. 6, Wellsboro, PA 16901 By order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, the historic Coach Stop Inn Restaurant, Hotel and Motel are available for sale at this absolute auction! Sold as either two separate lots or in combination, all real estate and operating business assets are for sale, offering entrepreneurs or recreational business owners the opportunity to run an operating service industry in the Pennsylvania wilds! With commercial zoning allowing for future growth and a highly visible location just 1 mile from the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, this opportunity is one that should not be missed! -Lot 1: All real estate, including restaurant, hotel & motel on 6.1+/- acres (4755 LLC) -Lot 2: Operating business including name, liquor license, equipment & furnishings (ESKLLC) -Lot 3: Multi-tract combination of lots 1 & 2 Property Highlights: - Commercial zoning & existing utilities allow for future expansion - Highly visible location just 1 mile from PA Grand Canyon TERMS: 10% Buyers Premium added to winning bid for final contract price. See website for full terms & conditions. Visit United Country - Jelliff Auction Group, LLC Randy Jelliff, Auctioneer/Broker #AY002118 570-835-4214 ]]> Prime 8.6 Acre Parcel in Indianapolis, IN MzYyMC0yMDE0LTA4LTI2IDEyOjU0OjM4 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 12:54:38 -0600 <b>Auction Date:</b> August 15, 2014<br> <b>Opening Bid:</b> $750,000<br> <b>Address:</b> 520 East Thompson Road, Indianapolis, IN <br> <br> This prime 8.6 acre parcel, zoned C-6 offers high visibility and immediate access to I-465 (Indianapolis' beltway) and US 31, the area's major north south retail thoroughfare. The property is located less than 10 minutes from both Downtown Indianapolis and the Greenwood Park Mall, home to retailers such as Von Maur, Macy' s and The Cheesecake Factory. Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis and University of Indianapolis are located 7.5 and 1.8 miles away, respectively. The surrounding area is comprised of banks, grocers, pharmacies, restaurants and other retail businesses. <br><br> If you have any questions, please call Hilco Real Estate at 847-418-2700 or email]]> 7.24 Acres of Commercial Land Ready for Redevelopment in Columbia, SC MzYxOS0yMDE0LTA4LTI2IDEwOjQwOjU0 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:40:54 -0600 <b>Auction Date:</b> August 15, 2014<br> <b>Opening Bid:</b> $425,000<br> <b>Address:</b> 7510 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC<br> <br> Ideally located just off the I-20 exit ramp along Two Notch Road, this commercial site is ready for redevelopment. The property offers immediate freeway access, and is located minutes from downtown Columbia, SC. Surrounding area traffic-generators includes five hotels/motels, as well as such national tenants as Outback Steakhouse, Hooters, Chili's, IHOP and Home Depot. All utilities run to the site. <br><br> If you have any questions, please call Hilco Real Estate at 847-418-2700 or email]]> 4-Story, 110 Room Hotel in Decatur, GA MzYxOC0yMDE0LTA4LTI2IDEwOjQwOjQ0 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:40:44 -0600 <b>Auction Date:</b> August 15, 2014<br> <b>Opening Bid:</b> $500,000<br> <b>Address:</b> 2572 Candler Road, Decatur, GA<br> <br> This property is a four-story, 66,084 square foot, stucco veneer hotel consisting of one building containing a total of 110 rooms set on a 2.976 acre site. The interior corridor hotel offers a lobby, breakfast room, laundry facility for the cleaning staff only, guest laundry, restrooms, offices and outdoor pool. Site improvements include front canopy, curbing, asphalt paved parking lot with adequate parking, concrete walkways, lighting and landscaping. Built in approximately 1973, the property most recently operated as a Motel 6, and offers excellent signage exposure along I-20 and Candler Road. A suburb of Atlanta, Decatur boasts a population of 20,000. The main entrance to the property sits along Candler Road, a heavily-traveled retail corridor. National area tenants include Wendy's, Popeye's Chicken, Americas Best Value, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, as well as The Gallery at South DeKalb Mall, a major area traffic generator with more than 100 retailers, a multiplex theater and a food court. <br><br> If you have any questions, please call Hilco Real Estate at 847-418-2700 or email]]> Byblos Niagara Resort & Spa MzYwNC0yMDE0LTA4LTI1IDE4OjMyOjE5 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 18:32:19 -0600 Resting on the border between the United States and Canada with over US$ 2,500,000.00 in renovations. This full service 263-room Hotel has private balconies and panoramic view of the Niagara River. Newly fitted 32-inch LED TVs with cable and premium digital channels and high speed internet. With over 28,000 square feet (2520 square meters) of flexible meeting and banqueting space. Indoor, outdoor pools, sauna and whirlpool and state of the art fitness center, adjacent to the golf course and the Marina. Over 1000 ft. of direct water frontage with boat docks and waterfront land potential for development. The only resort hotel situated in the banks of the majestic Niagara River just minutes from Niagara Falls. Managed by Byblos Hospitality, DUBAI-U.A.E For inquiries contact: Alexander 001-604-440-8355 and visit our website on]]> Former Howard Johnson Hotel Auction MzYxMi0yMDE0LTA4LTAxIDE1OjQ0OjQ0 Fri, 01 Aug 2014 15:44:44 -0600 <b>Property Location:</b> 1875 New Haven Road, Bardstown, KY <br><br> <b>Auction Date:</b> July 24th @ 12pm Live & Online <br><br> <b><i>Lender Orders Immediate Sale - Opening Bid $500,000!</b></i> <br><br> Former Howard Johnson Hotel of Bardstown, KY <br><br> 99 Room exterior corridor <br><br> 6.2 Acres <br><br> <b>Viewing Opportunities:</b> Thursday 7/10 & 7/17 Noon to 2pm <br><br> <b>Offering Strategy:</b> The property is being sold at auction on July 24 at 12:00pm (Noon). The auction will be held online. The property is being sold with an opening bid of $500,000 plus the Buyer's Premium. A Buyer's Premium of 8% of the high bid price will be charged to the high bidder. Please call James Keith at 270-304-1020 for additional details. <br><br> <b>More Information:</b> Call James at 270-304-1020 <br><br> <b>Licensing:</b> In cooperation with James Keith KY Auctioneer and Dennis Wood KY Broker.]]> Rancho de Caldera, Panama Resort to Auction MzYxNS0yMDE0LTA3LTI4IDEyOjI5OjUw Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:29:50 -0600 SELLING AT ABSOLUTE AUCTION - Regardless of Price!! This recently completed full turn key property is the ideal retreat center, an amazing family compound, or an eco-resort. Rancho de Caldera is an extraordinary private family retreat / eco-resort located in the mountains of Chiriqui, Panama. The property is located in the town of Caldera, 25 minutes from downtown Boquete, and less than an hour from David, Panama. Selling Regardless of Price at Absolute Auction. Rancho de Caldera is a well appointed get-a-way located on 60+ gorgeous acres with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. In addition to the 4 bedroom / 4.5 bath main house there are 3 sets of cabins, with 3 individual, connecting units in each set, for a total of 9 individual cabin units. Together, each set becomes, in essence, a 2 bedroom house, with the left unit having 2 queen beds and a large, walk-in double shower; the middle unit has a full kitchen, sofa set, dining area and (Murphy) queen bed; and the right unit has a king bed and bathtub/shower combo. Each unit within each set connects through a hallway and the doors can be locked for privacy between units. ]]> MzU2My0yMDE0LTA3LTEwIDE2OjQ2OjU5 Thu, 10 Jul 2014 16:46:59 -0600 <b>57 Room Former Motel 6 <br> <u>ABSOLUTE AUCTION - November 19, 2013</u><br> Property Must Sell!</b> <p> The property will be sold at a live auction onsite November 19th! <br> CALL FOR DETAILS 847-418-2700! <ul> <li>Interior Corridor <li>Large Indoor Pool <li>Multiple Franchise Flags Available </ul> <b>Viewing Opportunities:</b> Please call 270-304-1020 or 847-418-2703 if you would like to inspect the property. <p> <b>Offering Strategy:</b> Live Auction- November 19, 2013. The auction will be held onsite, registration will start at 11am and the auction will commence at 12pm (noon). The property is being sold ABSOLUTE Regardless of Price. Cashiers check for $20,000 required to bid. 7% Buyer's Premium. Call for additional details and Terms of Sale, 270-304-1020 or 847-418-2700. <p> <b>More Information:</b> Call 270.304.1020 or 847.418.2700 <p> <b>Licensing:</b> In Cooperation with Alan R Kravets MI Broker #6504284299, 14943 Lakeside Rd, Lakeside, MI 49116]]> BANK DIRECTED SALE - Operating 85-Room Regency Inn MzYwMC0yMDE0LTA3LTEwIDE2OjQ2OjQ5 Thu, 10 Jul 2014 16:46:49 -0600 <b>Regency Inn</b> <p> <b>Property Location:</b> 2100 East Harding Avenue, Pine Bluff, AR <p> <b>Auction Date:</b> May 28th @ 2pm (in Blytheville) <p> <b>BANK DIRECTED SALE!</b> <p> <b>85- ROOM REGENCY INN – Pine Bluff, AR</b> <p> <b>OPENING BID:</b> $300,000 <p> <b>Viewing Opportunities:</b> Call James at 270-304-1020 for details. <p> <b>Offering Strategy:</b> The properties are being offered separately, the Best Budget Inn has a Published Reserve of $200,000 and the Regency Inn has an Opening Bid of $300,000. Cash or check in the amount of 10% of your purchase price is due on the day of the sale. 7% Buyer's Premium. The auction will be held at the Best Budget Inn, 357 S. Division Street, Blytheville, AR (both properties will be sold from this location) on May 28th at 2pm (registration will start at 1pm) . Please call James at 270-304-1020 for additional Terms of Sale. <p> <b>More Information:</b> Call James at 270-304-1020 <p> <b>Licensing:</b> In cooperation with Steven Mathis RE Broker PB 00074817 Auctioneer 2465]]>